Our innovative EDTECH products aim to


We want to spark the curiosity of the next generation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) innovators in Africa, and the rest of the developing world.


South Africa’s STEAM Education Crisis

The greatest social issue affecting the next generation of South Africa, Africa and most of the developing world is the lack of access to quality education.

Resources that may be used to demonstrate theoretical STEAM concepts are not readily available, and accessible to learners who need them in the developing world. This is mainly because there is a lack of affordable educational solutions on the market.

We, at CRSP dsgn, decided to address this social issue by developing a range of affordable EdTech solutions in order to increase access to quality STEAM resources, while fostering 21st Century Learning in South African classrooms.


Our Innovative 21st Century EdTech Solutions


Our current flagship product is a range of affordable educational robotics kits that we’ve developed to enable grade 4-9 learners to learn about electric circuits, and create robotics inventions, within their existing classrooms.

The kits consist of a wide range of electronic building blocks with unique functions, such as power supplies, lights, buzzers, switches, buttons, sensors, and motors. The kits also include programmable controller blocks which function as the brains of the robots that learners can program using our easy-to-use coding interface.



After more than 2 years of user-centred design and curriculum alignment, we’re proud to introduce the new range of CRSP ROBO Educational Robotics Kits. These kits are made up of easy-to-use electronic building blocks that may be used to form anything from basic electric circuits to robotic inventions.

Click below to see how you can pre-order these affordable STEAM resources for your grade 4-9 classrooms from as little as R749.99.



The CRSP Creator 3D Printer was born during our 2018 Robotics & Coding Pilot, when we realised that an affordable and reliable 3D printing solution was required to enable educators and learners to design and manufacture their own inventions.

Click below to see how you can get 3D Printer at your educational institution from as little as R599.99/month. (Yes, you read that right!)



We invented the LCERT kit in 2016, and since then, we’ve been engaging with educators and learners, as well as forward thinking education partners such as the NECT to develop an innovative model for wide-spread adoption of 21st Century Learning in South Africa, and the rest of the developing world.

If you are a funder, volunteer or educational institution, then click below to see how you can get involved in our various initiatives.


Our Solutions Foster 21st Century Learning

It is estimated that more than 60% of future jobs haven’t even been invented yet, so what skills should we be teaching to learners to future-proof them? At CRSP dsgn, we believe that we need to transition from the traditional 3 R’s to the 4 C’s. These are the 4 critical 21st century skills which are required to work in the 4th Industrial Revolution (i.e. Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration). Learn more about how our products foster 21st Century Learning at an affordable and accessible price for learners in South Africa, and the rest of the developing world.



Creativity is one of the most important cognitive skills required for the future. In a world were automation and artificial intelligence are mainstream, future professionals will need to be more innovative and flexible in the workplace. Working with robotics and coding enables learners to develop high levels of creativity which enables them to think out of the box.


Communication has been identified as one of the essential skills required by many employers in a globalised workforce of the present and the future. Learners will need to be able to find the best ways to convey their ideas. The project-based approached implemented in our robotics and coding activities allows learners to foster their verbal, visual and communication skills in order to share their ideas with their peers.


Critical thinking involves having the ability to break down complex problems into simpler ones in order to find solutions. This skill is fostered in subjects such as mathematics and physical science. In 21st century classrooms, coding a robot enables learners to develop high levels of critical thinking, which they can utilise to solve their own communities problems in the future as social innovators.


Collaboration is another key competency that has been identified by many organisations. In the future, more professionals will be required to work effectively in teams to achieve common goals. Learners need to be equipped with inter-personal skills and character traits which will enable them to work effectively with others. Most of our robotics activities require learners to work together in various roles to achieve their team’s overall objectives.


Designed with Educators & Learners at the Centre


From the inception of our company, CRSP dsgn has chosen to implement a user-centred design approach to develop it’s products. This approach began with the LCERT (Low Cost Educational Robotics Toy) kit in 2017. Once the initial prototyping of the LCERT was completed, we engaged with more 1650 users, including educators and learners, to evaluate and refine our product design, and our approach towards facilitating 21st century learning in South African. The feedback we received from this user testing paved the way for the CRSP ROBO Educational Robotics Kit, which is slated for release in 2019.


LEARNERS ENGAGED during classroom lessons IN 2018

More than 1600 learners were introduced to our robotics kits in their CAPS classrooms during our 2018. This enabled us to gather insights from learners within the South African school in order refine our product design and validate our curriculum.




More than 30 educators have been involved in the software and hardware development of our products since we started. This has enabled us to design products that easily integrateable into South African classrooms.




More than 5 schools have been reached during our 2018 pilot studies. These pilot studies have enabled us to evaluate and refine the design of our education robotics products.


Our Team

CRSP dsgn was founded by a team of highly qualified professionals, who truly care about improving the lives of Africa’s next generation of STEAM innovators.

After working on satellites and drones in the Aerospace & Defense industry, the founders decided to chase their childhood convictions of developing innovative solutions to address the many social problems plaguing Africa, and the developing world.

Meet the CRSP dsgn team

Our Partners

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